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Here is a list of items that we have an ongoing need for:  Current needs: spaghetti & Spaghetti sauce and toilet paper

canned meats        canned pasta's          mac and cheese       spaghetti and sauce         ramen noodles        saltine crackers
peanut butter/jelly   pancake mix             pancake syrup          cereal                                juice                        baby food    
canned soups         boxed dinners          canned fruit               dried beans                       cornbread mix         loaf bread
hot dog buns           hamburger buns      pudding                     jello                                   cookies                    oatmeal

dish soap, all purpose cleaner, toilet paper, deodorant, baby wipes, shampoo                  

LIFE also has plenty of refrigeration and freezer space for perishables such as hamburger, hot dogs, chicken, sandwich meat, milk, butter and eggs.


LIFE received support from 32 local churches.  Served 1,439 families, of those 72 were new families.  Gave away 101,129 items.